Policy & Procedures

Our Design Process

Before any actual creative work begins, Ilé-Adé Designs & Interiors, LLC conducts extensive background research in a 4-Phase approach to design excellence. We will meet with you, in-person or via a conference call, to understand your goals, audience needs, and project expectations. In addition, we will conduct market, customer, and competitive research to gather additional insight. Once our research is complete, we will provide a creative brief to summarize the results of our inquiries and outline the project, along with a detailed project schedule to ensure on-time delivery.

Ownership and Usage

Upon receipt of full payment, the CLIENT is hereby granted exclusive and unlimited usage and reproduction rights to the final designs prepared for the CLIENT as part of this project. CONTRACTOR reserves the right to reproduce any and all designs created in print and electronic media for CONTRACTOR’s promotional purposes.

CLIENT has responsibility to proofread and review all work produced during the project. As a result, the client is fully responsible for any errors in spelling, typography, illustrative layout, photography, or other errors discovered after printing or reproduction or for any work performed by third-parties selected by the CLIENT

Due to the nature of work where CLIENT will be provided with direct files for design production and use, once a project has been completed and fully funded, no returns and/or refunds will be allowed.



In the event CLIENT cancels this agreement prior to completion, within five (5) business days of such cancellation, CLIENT shall pay CONTRACTOR for: (1) all work performed up to the date of termination; (2) all outside expenses and commitments that have been incurred and cannot be cancelled; and, (3) a cancellation fee equal to 15% of the remaining fees that would otherwise have been paid if the project would have been completed.

Return & Refund Policy

Prices for projects are based on a fixed fee. Complete pricing of services is found here.

At the time of agreement, a 50% deposit will be due at the time of signing the agreement. The remaining balance (50%) will be due at the date of delivery.​

Fee adjustments may be made due to rush delivery requests or prompt payment, as follows:


  • Rush deliveries are projects with less than a 2-week turnaround time for the due date of delivery. These requests will incur a 30% surcharge to the total fixed fee defined above.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods:


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